Doodle Pod is an entrance into a world of creativity and perfect taste where your great ideas are brought to reality.


With superior customisation flexibility, not only will it operate smoothly, but also look good with a professional design.


We take great care in creating quality designs, but as well as that we make sure our customers succeed their goals.


The combination of our strategic skills behind branding and our technical prowess with digital opens up other creative avenues.

Digital Branding

Every business seeking legitimacy knows that dispersing mentions its brand across digital platforms is vital.

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Marketing Campaigns

We know how to get your message across on both online and offline channels to ensure your business is seen by all the right people.

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Print Design

We have all the latest hardware and software, which allows us to offer an effective and speedy service.

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Social Media

For organisations and individuals that want a professional look and feel across their social media accounts.

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Web Design & Development

Web design now forms a large part of our business and our experience is now vast in this quickly developing area.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We offer bespoke SEO packages to suit your business requirements and marketing strategy.

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Latest Insights

We write about business, technology, marketing, design, creative insights, tips, inspiration and more.


Voice Search and What It Means for Your WordPress Site

Now that more people are using smart devices, voice search capability is becoming less of a novelty and more of a must-have for websites.
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Typography in Web Design: 5 Things to Consider

The right typefaces elevate a design and make the content pleasant to read. The wrong typography, well, does the opposite and can ruin the visitor’s experience.
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4 Ways You Can Leverage Search to Grow Your Business

What we hope to show you is that SEO is not only doable, but can help startups achieve growth with these four tactics to leverage search to grow your business.
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Clients we have worked with

We consider ourselves very lucky to have a wide selection of clients with whom we have developed longstanding, mutually rewarding relationships.