Designing Your Business to Create Avenues for Market Growth

Whenever a company designs a new product, service, or experience, it is essentially designing its business. When done well, Business Design creates offerings that inspire organisations and excite customers. At Doodle Pod, we combine design thinking and traditional corporate strategies to help clients create avenues for market growth.

By shifting focus from linear practices to iterative design processes, we can shed light on new options and explore the various alternatives. Our methods include qualitative and quantitative research, business model prototyping, data visualisation, and organisational design.

Over the years, we’ve used Business Design to help clients address a broad range of challenges, such as:

  • designing the next-generation news offering for a major publishing company,
  • creating a personal finance service built on lifestyle and community,
  • building new, sustainable growth model for an online education company and redesigning a direct sales business for emerging markets.

We believe that every part of a business can be prototyped, including projected financials. We help clients design all the way to market, iterating potential solutions from initial concept through final consumer delivery.

We look at innovation across industries to find inspiration and viable new patterns of thinking and operating.

New venture design

As organic growth becomes increasingly difficult, businesses must find new means of attracting customers and driving growth. We help companies identify how their organisation can do so through design.

By rethinking business models and developing innovative offerings and supporting strategies, we support clients as they experiment with new categories, channels, or business models to fuel sustainable growth.

Business growth and innovation strategy

Innovation plays on the strengths and the culture of a company, so its approach and alignment can be vital to its success. Our team works closely with companies to develop a strategy for innovation and draw roadmaps for future growth.

We assist business leaders in figuring out what innovation means for their organisations, how will it impact their business, and what it will take to engage and mobilise their organisations.

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