Has Design For Web Been Forgotten?

At Doodle Pod we are huge fans of design for web and responsive web design (as you may already know!). Apps are great, but not every business can afford to develop a decent one. And not to forget, not all businesses will actually need one!

Something we can assume about the internet is that it will most likely still be around in many years to come, albeit the way that the internet is accessed is changing.

This is noticeable in in our everyday lives where we require information on the go via mobile and / or tablet devices. This shift in designing websites that respond to the users device and optimise the user experience has brought some interesting trends in the design industry.

As major web standards develop and improve, agencies like us are required to put more effort in to the coding of our client’s websites. Beautifully hand crafted and accessible code that is fast to load, works well on all devices ensuring a positive and professional experience.

This may all sound good and well, however, within an average project budget less and less time is allocated to the visual / creative side of things ‘as long as it functions as intended.’

We are all impatient and expect things to work perfectly and with precision first time round, but has the creativity been put in the back seat and forgotten?

Arguably, attention to detail has been compromised with web designers with a less creative approach leading the way, where text is far too large, white space breaching the aesthetics etc.

The finer points of pixel pushing we feel is being swept aside to give function prominence, this obviously does not go for all websites, but increasingly common in what we come across on in our daily work.

If you think of big names like Amazon, that still work on desktop screens, comparing it to the massive jump to a full responsive site – you may notice the difference.

Hopefully, as the responsive web matures, and technology helps pave the way in making some of the more laborious and tedious coding tasks automated, we will see a good design eye taking centre stage once again.

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