Why Your Business Would Benefit From An App

The time to create and benefit from an app for your business has never been better! With a wide variety of ways to go about creating and marketing your app, why not start now? Here are some benefits that you may not have thought about on the topic.

1. Keeps your business visible at all times

A recent study, run by, found that the average person spends a minimum of 90 minutes on their phone per day!

Now to some, that may not sound like much at all, however, this equates to up to 23 days per year and on average 3.9 years of the average user’s lifetime! Being within your audience’s phone is highly beneficial.

Even if it is simply having your business logo on their phone screens, you are unconsciously forcing yourself into their memory, which is great. It can even be picked up without notice.

2. Customer engagement

An app can make engagement easy. Features you can apply to your app within iOS and Android make sharing content extremely easy.

Kraft’s iFood Assistant, for example, is an application that offers tons of recipes, a lot of them using Kraft products and lists for other needed ingredients.

The app also offers deals and coupons to encourage the user to purchase the products which of course ultimately creates revenue-generating customers. The app then allows the users to share their creations easily to social media through the inbuilt share buttons.

3. Promoting your business

Easily one of the easiest ways to encourage business and boost means of monetisation would be through producing coupons for customers.

People love a good deal and they will be sure to download your application if they know that’s what they’d be getting, which would of course, in turn, offer you some bonus exposure. If you sell products online, then you should definitely have a mobile app.

Giving customers the freedom to do their shopping in their hands is definitely a bonus and it’s simpler too. This would give you the opportunity to offer “app-only deals” which will encourage customers to shop through your app instead.

4. Make your business stand out

The market of mobile apps for small businesses is still quite small. Usually, only big name businesses will have a beneficial application on the app store, this is where you can get ahead in the game. Customers will be wowed by your forward thinking mentality and uniqueness.

Creating a mobile application can be hugely beneficial for a number of reasons and it’s never been easier to create one.

Your first option would be to design and develop an application with a design team or individual and get it out on the app store in a few weeks, possibly months. This is great if you have a little bit of a budget to splash.

If money is something you don’t have to spend right now then there is a number of other great platforms that you can create applications on for free.

One of our favourites, being AppSpotr. AppSpotr allows you to create your application from the ground up, with simple to use templates to make each page.

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