Hyper Reality: How UI Has Taken Over Our Lives

One London filmmaker and designer shows us his vision of the future. Hyper Reality is a short film filled with highly saturated imagery. With sights similar to a video game, Keiichi Matsuda shows us what he believes a real-life HUD would look like.

Matsuda takes us through a city in Columbia through the eyes of the character Juliana. He takes us through her daily life which is filled with overlaid pop-ups and adverts and a desperate game to earn and keep her loyalty points.

The short film struck an interest in us here at Doodle Pod, into where UI and technology are taking us. In recent months we have seen the increase in interaction design within cars.

Google for example this month have been experimenting with implementing a vertical 15 inch, 4K touchscreen, and a 720p digital instrument cluster, in a Maserati Ghibli.

“Android wasn’t historically built to be an embedded infotainment platform. It was really built for phones,” says Patrick Brady, lead engineer on Android Auto.

With Android N, he says, that’s changed. Google hope to one day have a fully “connected” vehicle, which provides a fully open-source platform that automakers can customise and personalise.

So where is UI taking us? User interface design is constantly evolving. If you think of it, technology is pulling us away from reality more and more every day; VR for example. VR has the ability to simulate a completely new world and put you right in the center of it.

With new technology becoming available every single day that makes completing tasks easier and easier, it’s only a matter of time before Hyper Reality becomes reality.

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