How To Create An Effective Logo

A logo will help your business become more recognisable, but it also establishes credibility with potential customers. It’s the fundamental component of branding and marketing that reflects your personality, your values and principles with an effective logo.

And this doesn’t just apply to big-name businesses like Nike or Apple. It applies to your business too whether you are a start up or an established small business.

Here are five things we recommend you keep in mind when creating a logo for your business, blog or personal brand – whether you’re working with a company or designing the logo yourself:

1. Keep it simple

Consider again logos like that of Nike or Apple, or even McDonald’s. They are some of the most popular logos around but yet also the simplest.

2. Make an impression

The ultimate goal of all businesses is to have their logo image imprinted in your memory and to make a lasting impression. So be sure your logo is memorable.

3. Find a font

Selecting the right fonts is one of the most important steps in logo creation. Choose a font that’s easy to read but distinctive. Also, you shouldn’t use more than two different fonts in your logo.

4. Get colour coordinated

When choosing colours for your logo remember that colour can create an emotional response. Also keep in mind all the different places you’ll need to display the logo such as across your various social media networks.

5. Be versatile

Remember that your logo will not only be used on your website or blog and social media accounts but also on stationery and business cards. You may even decide to sell merchandise with your logo. Be sure that your logo looks great on any medium.

In conclusion, invest the time in developing a great logo – don’t rush the process and you and your business will reap the rewards!

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