Is Print Design Dead?

We all know that the Internet and Social Media are booming. But with this boom also came numerous concerns regarding the eventual fate of print design. Due to it’s cost effectiveness and adequacy, many businesses have relocated their services exclusively online.

We want to help answer the looming question of whether print is dead. We believe that print is still very much alive and have put together 9 reasons why.

1. Tactile experience

Printed material can be held by anyone in their hands. The touch, feel and composition of daily papers and magazines give readers a tangible affair that a website simply cannot deliver.

2. Versatility in print design

Let’s be honest – most of us have some kind of gadget close by that we use all day, every day, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or PC. In any scenario, when we’re on the go and an opportunity emerges to share information about your business, it’s a great deal more advantageous to distribute on-impression printed material. In addition, we don’t need Wi-Fi to get to it!

3. Endless creativity in print design

With web outline comes rules, and with principles comes less potential for imagination. Doodle Pod appreciates that print extends that permits us to take the rules on an innovative journey. With print, as far as we see, the limits are only in the designers mind.

4. Permanent advertising

Studies show that users have a tendency to exit out of tabs as quick as they were opened if the right information is not shown to them almost immediately, print promoting is lasting for whatever length of time that your organisation needs it to be.

5. Doesn’t discriminate

Not everybody comprehends the web. For the older generation who are not technically minded, print will arrive to have the same data in ways they will understand.

6. Moderateness

At the moment a customer or client needs something to take away from your encounter, most budgets will not allow for organisations to hand over an iPad with a site opened up in it’s web browser. This is when the versatility and moderateness of print pieces, for example, fliers, pamphlets and business cards prove to be valuable.

7. Passionate experience in print design

Various studies demonstrate that perusers will most probably skim the copy on your website, where as with print they are more likely to read the content in more detail. This is why we believe print material contains an “unrivalled capacity to give a genuine brand experience,” particularly when topic touches on delicate themes.

8. Validity

Print material regularly oozes a level of authenticity that web sites and online advertisements essentially don’t pass on, and often have a spammy presence. The online jumble of flag promotions and pop-ups is sufficient to overpower most users. Print gives a valid, less unsavoury way of data sharing.

9. More control in print design

Once a web site is launched, developers and programmers cannot control the users’ experience or how they might consumer your content. A print piece regularly gives a more conspicuous, direct experience for individuals to take as they please.

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