Simple Font Pairing Tips For Branding

Creating a new brand, but can’t find the perfect font pairing to accompany the branding style? Then this article is for you. Here are 5 simple tips for pairing the perfect typefaces.

1. Type of content?

Before we look at which type of font will look best for you, you must consider your type of content and the type of content you produce.

If you are creating an informative brand then simple serif font would look fantastic, however, if you are on the other end of the scale like designing for products for young teenagers, you may want to opt for something more edgy and unique to your brand.

With regards to the type of content you produce, it must be taken into consideration that no matter what typeface you decide to use, it will not save bad content. So remember to put thought into the product itself rather than just in the way you decide to present it.

2. Font Pairing Simplicity

The amount of typefaces available nowadays is overwhelming even to the very best of designers. However, a lot of fonts come with a variety of different weights and can look fantastic if used correctly.

Another common tactic is finding two pairing fonts and using one for headers and the other for body text. Keeping it simple is key to creating a fantastic brand identity.

3. Contrast

The best pairings are fonts that contrast with each other. Using slightly different shades of the same colour, or better yet, completely contrasting colours usually looks the best. Using different types of typefaces together can also look fantastic.

4. Readability

The most important part of choosing the right font is ensuring readability. The worst thing you could do is choose a font that is so wacky that it’s not even legible. This also includes choosing a font that works on both web, tablet and mobile. Always test before you set your heart of a pairing.

5. Font Pairing Resources

When choosing your typefaces, remember to give it some research first. Sites like Typewolf upload inspiring imagery regularly to spark ideas. Whereas websites such as Dafont provide a load of new fonts every week from independent designers (remember to always check licences with each font you download).

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