5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Professional Website Designer

Many business owners out there wonder why they should hire a professional website designer. They look at websites and free website builders and try their hand at building it themselves.

We recently gained a new client that tried exactly this but didn’t get past the home page. While it can be costly to hire a professional, the pros far outweigh the cons.

There may be things that you hadn’t considered, such as a CDN, or various SEO tactics and promotional methods. Yes, you could do it all yourself as you could also theoretically rebuild your car’s engine if you really dedicated yourself to it.

The question is, do you have the time to devote to doing this? Is it really worth the struggle?

Just like when you start any venture, there is going to be some initial investment. Whether you design it yourself for 6 weeks trying to figure everything out, or you pay someone to do it.

You’re still investing something – either your time and energy or your money. Since time is worth more than money, we would say that hiring someone is the best option.

You can get your money back out of your investment, but no matter what you do, you will never get your wasted time back, right?

1. Bespoke

When you hire a professional web designer, they would take in all the considerations to maximise the outcome of your website. The designer would ensure that your website is built to suit your business’s needs.

They will consider your goals, your services and how you can profit. They will also not restrict your website in terms of visual content.

2. Visual

Visitors value a website’s appearance too much. First impressions always depend on how the website appears to a visitor and this would include the navigation, the graphics and the colours that were used.

Designers would make sure that all of these are balanced and are geared towards a user-friendly experience.

3. Latest Technology

The rate at which technology changes is ridiculously fast. If you hire a professional, you are assured that your website will be built using and taking into account the latest technologies. This would also include the latest trends not only in technology but in design as well.

4. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation is a fairly simple concept, but much harder to implement properly. Your website’s ranking in search engines is important and search engine optimisation helps you attain higher rankings on the search engine results page.

SEO is a slow process, as it takes time to improve your page rank. It’s highly effective, but it’s a long-term endeavour. SEO works best in tandem with PPC, especially at the beginning of your digital marketing campaign.

5. Value

Value is a hard thing to define, and it comes down to how you approach a project. Value isn’t just about the least expensive option – it’s also about getting the biggest return from the smallest outlay.

When it comes to web design, value isn’t about getting the cheapest web designer or freelancer – it relates to finding an affordable, trusted professional that can build the website you want, for a fair price.

The difference a professional makes can really be summed up in value. The extra service, expertise and knowledge that you receive from a professional is worth the extra expenditure.

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