Why You Should Use Google Fonts for Web Design

Google Fonts was launched in 2010 as an open-source (no copyright, take and use what you will for free) project to enable a better web experience enhancing the powers of web design and typography.

Since then hundreds of contributors have created a collection of no less than 818 fonts (at time of publishing, it’s forever growing) available to download and add to your website.

There’s a large range, some of which are in the style of handwriting and can look really effective when used correctly. But it is very easy to go over the top using handwriting fonts so it is key to use only one or two high quality, easy to read fonts, per website.

Essentially it’s about finding the harmony of legibility and readability. At first glance, these seem like the same thing however they aren’t. One is the font and one is how we use the font. They work together to create a better user experience.

Legibility refers to the design of the typeface (font) including thickness (or weight) of the characters, whether it has serifs or not (small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter), if there are any fancy ligatures (two characters connected together), etc.

Readability on the other hand looks at font size, line height, font styling such as bold, italics, underlined, and more. It’s equal parts of math and trial and error. The balance between these factors creates a smoother reading experience for users of your website.

Open Sans seems to be very popular but is it the best? Let’s look to the stats; Open Sans has been viewed over 17,000,000,000 times!

It is the favourite with Google used across the board in many of their own sites (they also use Roboto widely in their mobile operating system, Android) and is loved by designers and developers alike because it was optimised from day one for the web, print and mobile devices.

Google Fonts makes it quick and easy for everyone to use web fonts, including professional designers and developers. We believe that everyone should be able to bring quality typography to their web pages and applications. – The Google Fonts Team

Check out which fonts would look best on your site.

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