What Your Logo Can Do For Your Business

It’s everywhere, from your business cards and website, to your products and letterheads. Your logo is your identity and when used correctly, can be killer for your business.

What are the key components to a great logo?

Your logo should stand out among competitors, there’s no use having a logo that blends in and goes unseen.

Your logo should represent your company as a whole. Take inspiration from your business’s key fields and products when designing, can customers easily see what services you have to offer by glancing at your logo?

What Your Logo Can Do For Your Business - Coca Cola
Coca Cola Logo
What Your Logo Can Do For Your Business - McDonalds
McDonalds Logo

Can your logo be identified without any text? The best logos can be identified without any slight hints, take these two for example. By only glancing at the corners of these logos, without a doubt you knew exactly what they were.

Your logo should have the same response from customers. Can you draw it near enough instantly? Keeping the logo simple is key to creating a fantastic brand.

Keeping the logo simple will make it easier to stick in your customer’s head and will be easier to recognise from just about anywhere.

Your logo is commonly the first thing your customer sees and first impressions are everything. Having a non-memorable logo or no logo at all will lead to a less memorable experience; you want your customers to remember your company right?

This is why it is so important to have a great professional logo to represent your business.

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